GROUP LESSONS.... $100 (four, one hour lessons)




From beginning to advanced, traditional to experimental, we offer on-site lessons at Kato Music Lesson Studio for voice, piano, guitar,  ukulele, bass, music theory, songwriting, and performance! Lessons are available by appointment. Kato Music Lessons also produce seasonal recitals at various Mankato venue locations! 

Age: all ages

Date/Time: 30 min or 50 min, by appointment

Tuition: $25 per 30 min lesson, $40 per 50 min lesson

UKE DUO Group Lessons (adult+child pair)

Discover and learn the joy of playing the ukulele! This fun four-week group session is catered for the beginner and his/her adult pairing!  You will learn how to tune, play chords, and strum sing-a-long songs.  Ukulele's are NOT provided by Kato Music.  Ukulele's are required for both child and adult for the 4 week session.  There will be a live performance showcase at a local Mankato venue in conclusion to the session! 

Age: 4-6yrs (Pre-K to Kindergarten)

Date: Please call to make appointment.

Tuition: $100 per adult/child pair (Four Group Lessons)

kato music lesson goal: 

Kato Lessons would like to offer each student a unique, well rounded musical experience.  The ending goal is to learn theory, technique, and performance of the selected instrument and enjoy the process in doing so.  Kato Music adjusts each lesson to the individuals lesson goal.  No lesson is the same!

kato music LESSON POLICY:

All lessons need to be paid in full at the beginning of the lesson.  All canceled lessons require a 24 hour notice.  Cancelled lessons may have the option to reschedule but will not be refunded.  Kato Music accepts check, cash, APP CASH, Zelle, & PayPal.



Take a chance and get to know your own voice in fun, easy-going vocal lessons!  In Stacy K's vocal lessons, the main focus is discovering the student's unique voice.  This involves learning vocal technique, proper breathing exercises, vocal exercises, diction, vocal placement, site reading and ear training.  With each lesson, Stacy K will give the student goals to work towards for their next lesson.  Unique lesson plans are developed to fit the student's interests and challenge the student to grow as a vocalist.  Lessons are available for all levels of vocal experience.


Always wanted to play guitar? Here's your chance! Guitar lessons are available for all ages ranging from beginner to advanced.  Beginner lessons involve learning note names, guitar chords, rhythm and picking, and building finger strength.  For the more advanced guitarists, lessons will be geared towards incorporating simple guitar licks, more challenging chords, rhythm and picking patterns, and exploring the neck of the guitar.  For all levels, Stacy K and the student will choose musical selections to work towards new goals.  Students will learn how to read charts, tablature, and musical notation.  All musical genres will be explored. One book will be required to purchase for beginner lessons.


Piano lessons are available for beginner to intermediate students.  In piano lessons, the student will learn the musical alphabet, scales, how to read and play music, and music theory.  Piano lessons will require the student to purchase multiple books.  This will be arranged before the students first lesson.  


Learn your favorite songs on the ukulele! This instrument has grown in popularity over recent years and is really easy to travel with. The ukulele is a fun instrument to play around any campfire or gathering! 


Interested in learning how to channel an emotion, feeling, or story through song? In songwriting lessons, the student will learn how to follow and also break the "rules" of songwriting.  Learn about song form, patterns, and styles while being inspired and creatively challenged.  In these sessions, the student will be given goals and assignments to better understand the world of songwriting.  


Interested in lessons, but not sure which to choose?  The Sampler Package is 4, twenty minute lessons, with each lesson focusing on a different instrument of your choice! Choose from acoustic guitar, piano, voice, bass guitar, or ukulele for each lesson.   Instruments are provided at the lesson, but cannot be taken home. 


To be noted:

All lessons will involve exploring many musical genres and styles while incorporating music theory to better understand the language of music.  Having fun is required.